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Alpacas are "weird" animals ?

So Tara and her daughter came to the farm to see first-hand what they could learn about alpacas.
Nicole, who is a cyber-student, had an assignment to do a report on a weird animal - and alpacas were on the list. Hmph - never thought of them as weird. Pesty - unique - stubborn - yes all of those adjectives apply, but weird?

By the time Nicole left the farm - she was convinced that alpacas are pretty cool and well worth a trip back for another visit!

Girl Scouts "picnic with the alpacas" . . .

It was a windy but sunny day for the girl scouts to visit. They spent time visiting with the animals and handfeeding just about everyone!

Next was a hot dog roast over the open fire . . .and a girl scout campfire would never be complete without S'mores - ever try them with Reeses' Peanut Butter cups!? Ooooo, delicious! Thanks for sharing, ladies!

The girls and their families finished the day off with some shopping in the farm store - several very lucky teddybears found fure

The Girl Scout visit continues . . .

What a fun day! And the 'pacas love to pose for pictures!

Thanks again, girls!

Newest cria arrives! Great Grandson of Chimbote and Caligula !

Zoey was the first cria to be born on our farm way back in June 2008. After passing 2 due dates - she finally delivered her first cria at 359 days - a beautiful 18 lb boy! The delivery went well and she stood as still as a statue to nurse! Congratulations Zoey!!!
Check out his video on our YouTube channel at: (cut and paste)